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Two Rubber Frogwomen ! Two Rubber Frogwomen !Image Gallery

Posted 3rd June 2008. 30 High Resolution Images.

Well, if you're a fan of beautiful young women wearing heavy rubber diving gear, then tonight's update holds a special treat for you as we bring you not just one, but two of our amazing Frogwomen, both totally enclosed in thick black rubber and both, of course, under the water together for their own...and your personal pleasure ! Mermaid Elle samples a black, neck entry, Avon rubber dry suit and Avon rubber hood for the first time whilst her fellow Aquawoman Fi encapsulates herself in a two piece rubber HydroGlove suit and hood combination along with an Avon full face mask and noseclip. Well lit, crystal clear water and our typical fantastic picture quality means that you can see every glistening ripple and fold of their compressed thick rubber suits as they play together, beneath the surface !

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