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Swim Training with Jessica ! Swim Training with Jessica !Image Gallery

Posted 16th May 2008. 34 High Resolution Images.

Some of you may know the type of equipment often used by competitive swimmers for training purposes ? The same kind of special snorkel is also used by Fin Swimmers ? So tonight, once more in response to a member's request, we bring you something entirely new and not featured before. How popular it proves to be is entirely your choice, as usual - but we will always try to bring you those things that are a little bit different or unusual, so that you do have that choice. Several aquaphile fetish areas are covered in this one Gallery, so please welcome our vivacious, 'newly wed' Aquawoman Jessica during a Swim Training session, wearing a smooth neoprene one piece swimsuit, a Finis head mounted front positioned training snorkel, TYR goggles, a Speedo swimcap, noseclip and a super pair of high tech training fins. It's fun !

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