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Your Fantasy Frogwoman ! Your Fantasy Frogwoman !Image Gallery

Posted 9th May 2008. 40 High Resolution Images.

So, what images would come to your mind if I were to ask you to imagine or describe your ideal 'Fantasy Rubber Frogwoman' ? I know there are bound to be several preferences but, for starters, how about a stunningly beautiful Mermaid, totally clad in a thick black latex, custom made Aquawomen divesuit, designed with wonderful breast forms that are tantalisingly prominent ? A latex hood of course and various combinations of mask, fins and breathing gear ??? Well, tonight is such a special treat for all of those who love seeing beautiful, rubber clad women under the water as we bring you forty, yes !FORTY! of the finest such images that you are not likely to find anywhere else on the web ? So, please welcome back our very own 'Frog-Aquawoman' as she brings to life several member's fantasies. Why not tell us yours ?

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