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The Swimmer and the Frogwoman ! The Swimmer and the Frogwoman !Image Gallery

Posted 18th April 2008. 48 High Resolution Images.

We're having a great time and we're so glad that so many of you are also ! So tonight, we have a SPECIAL treat for the many of you who have asked for and waited patiently for us to bring you something that's in a bit of a new direction for us and something we will be watching closely and relying on you to tell us how much you enjoy .... or not ? A massive Gallery of 48 High Quality 'in sequence' images introduce you to our very own, special, latex clad, Frog-Aquawoman . And she's someone we're sure you will be just dying to meet...........just ask Mermaid Elle. !
Over to you ! (pity anyone who stopped becoming a member yesterday !)

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