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Scuba in Latex and 8 Scuba in Latex and 8" Heels !Image Gallery

Posted 4th October 2007. 32 High Resolution Images.

When Violet first showed us the amazing 8" heels she loves to wear, along with her own black latex catsuits, we couldn't help saying to her "How about underwater ? " Without hesitation, she immediately smiled and replied "Why not?" So, we gave her some air, by way of a vintage Scubapro single hose reg., added a little weight to take her straight to the bottom and the fantastic results are now here for you all to see!

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Breathless Beauty 2 ( Uncapped ) ! Breathless Beauty 2 ( Uncapped ) !Image Gallery

Posted 6th September 2007. 36 High Resolution Images.

In keeping with our policy of always trying to find something for everyone, tonight's super 'Bonus Gallery' update features Elle, one of the best swimmers of our Aquawomen team, back on the bottom of our pool and practicing her breath holding skills once more. This time she has taken off her vintage white rubber bathing cap for the benefit of all those who prefer to see her long, black hair flowing freely under the water. Shot to compliment our already highly popular video on the same theme, watch Elle as she once more challenges her lungs against her watch to stay underwater until the last possible moment, on a single breath !

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Rubber Drager DiveGirl ! Rubber Drager DiveGirl !Image Gallery

Posted 3rd September 2007. 31 High Resolution Images.

OK, tonight's update is a very special treat for all those who particularly enjoy our heavy rubber Divegirl series featuring our amazing Aqua'Frog'Woman Sammie ! This time she squeezes back into her thick, black, neck-entry, Avon rubber dry suit and couples it together with a rare, vintage Drager 168 Rubber diving hood, offering her delicious all over, rubbery, Constant Volume diving ! Where else, other than Aquawomen, have you ever seen a real rubber frogwoman dressed this way for your pleasure ? The only problem is it's always so difficult for her trying to get out of her suit after her underwater experiences.....any volunteers to help ?

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Scuba Beauty ! Scuba Beauty !Image Gallery

Posted 30th August 2007. 31 High Resolution Images.

Tonight's Gallery update brings you our stunning new Mermaid Fi, wearing a vintage Scubapro single hose regulator and Nemrod mask, along with a very sexy, new, sleeveless Typhoon wet suit. A great combination of old and new dive gear, brought together for you by another of our fantastic scuba diving Aquawomen! A great variation for all wet suit and scuba fans with lots of close ups of Fi, a truly beautiful and experienced female diver.

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Office Aqua Fantasies ? Office Aqua Fantasies ?Image Gallery

Posted 27th August 2007. 30 High Resolution Images.

Have you ever looked at that special girl in the office, perhaps your secretary, or maybe even your boss's........ and fantasized about her being underwater ?
Once more, we bring you something a little different to try and help satisfy some of those many and varied aquaphilia desires that you all have and love. So tonight, we introduce you to yet another new wonderful Aquawoman, who is pleased to fulfill this 'Aqua-Secretary' fantasy role for you, in her very first gallery ! Completely underwater wearing just a white blouse, black skirt, oh so sexy spectacles and with the most amazing lips....... please welcome the very sexy Mermaid Violet !

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Navy Diver - UNDERWATER ! Navy Diver - UNDERWATER !Image Gallery

Posted 23rd August 2007. 35 High Resolution Images.

OK, this is the one many of you have been waiting for !
You have seen her fully dressed above the water and voted her top in the Members popularity for weeks! The surface video is close behind also! So now, please sit back and enjoy a 'bonus size' Part 3 of the series featuring our amazing Navy Frogwoman Sammie, fully kitted up once more for your enjoyment, only this time exactly where she should be .....and where only Aquawomen seem always able to bring you...... Underwater !!

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Simply Red Simply RedImage Gallery

Posted 21st August 2007. 30 High Resolution Images.

When it comes to loose, free flowing hair, underwater, do you prefer blondes or brunettes ? Well, stand by for a fantastic third addition to this question in today's Aquawomen update, as we proudly introduce you to our stunning new Mermaid Fi ! Now all of those who love redheads have their own special Aquawoman too and WOW, is she gorgeous !! An experienced scuba diver and superb swimmer Fi's first gallery shows her fully submerged and swimming naturally....... showing off more than just her wonderful red hair !

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Twin Set Pt.2 Twin Set Pt.2Image Gallery

Posted 13th August 2007. 30 High Resolution Images.

Still a favourite with so many of you. Tonight's update features our original Aquawoman Shelley in Part 2 of our fantastic underwater photoshoot with her, called 'Twin Set'. This is a must for all of those who love topless scuba, particularly when featuring girls of a 'fuller' figure. Enjoy, as Shelley repeatedly removes her regulator from her mouth whilst underwater, inviting you to share her air !

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Simply Snorkeling Simply SnorkelingImage Gallery

Posted 10th August 2007. 30 High Resolution Images.

Sammie certainly has become popular with many of the membership here so for today's update we're happy to give her the chance to show off her 'all over' Mediterranean sun tan to all of her fans who prefer to see her underwater but without being enclosed in black rubber. This is colourful gallery shows Sam, complete with those beautiful red lips, snorkeling happily in her white bikini, which somehow she just happens to lose the top of for the final few pictures !

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