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No Mask Scuba ! No Mask Scuba !Image Gallery

Posted 21st February 2008. 43 High Resolution Images.

Today, just for you, we have taken our bewitching Mermaid Fi, dressed her in a super modern Sola shortie wet suit, a pair of pink Tusa zoom fins, a dive bottle along with a vintage Healthways twin-hose regulator and............nothing else ! Oh, apart form a synchro nose clip, of course, because we know how much some of you like seeing those pinching a beautiful nose nice and tight ? But, she wears no face mask! So, you can gaze upon her alluring features totally un-obstructed as she scuba dives with ease and poses ......just for you ! Instead of making a selection of just 30, we thought you might like to have those we would normally have rejected too, making a bumper gallery of 43 images. So many others claim to be the best on the web, we leave it for you to decide ?

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