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Breath Holding Topless, with Fi ! Breath Holding Topless, with Fi !Image Gallery

Posted 8th February 2008. 40 High Resolution Images.

It's been a little while since we brought you a new Breath Holding Gallery, but we're hoping many of you will agree that tonight's update was well worth the wait ? And to make it just that little more special for you all, it is a 'Bonus size' with 40 super new unique underwater images ! First, we put a heavy weight belt on our delectable and captivating Mermaid Fi which took her straight to the bottom of the Aquawomen pool ! Once there, she repeatedly removed the scuba mouthpiece from her mouth to practise her breath holding ability for your pleasure. Lot's of bubbles, rich red lips, beautiful pleading eyes gazing up towards the surface ......and a body of sheer aquatic beauty !

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