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A New Mermaid's Initiation ! A New Mermaid's Initiation !Image Gallery

Posted 29th January 2008. 30 High Resolution Images.

Remember, we told you to watch out for 'what happened next', in our 'Bathing (Cap) Belles' Gallery ? Well......we made the mistake of asking Mermaid Elle to help our new Aquawoman Becky practise her breath holding ability ! Of course, being a Mermaid, Elle immediately took this as an invitation to perform an Aquawomen initiation ceremony and carry out some serious dunking on poor unsuspecting Becky ! For a short time Becky even managed to give Elle some of her own medicine but the wily mermaid tricked her into thinking she had passed out and then swiftly turned the tables back on Becky once more ! Due to the popularity of previous Galleries, we thought you might enjoy seeing this form of breath hold training, once more ?

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