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Latex Diving, with a Mistral twin hose ! Latex Diving, with a Mistral twin hose !Video

Posted 25th January 2008.

When it comes to sexy Frogwomen underwater, our Mermaid Sammie is one of the finest...... and the sexiest ! It's hard to believe that barely nine months ago we introduced her to various rubber dive gear for the very first time and then of course, started to teach her to dive. Now, just look back through our site at the results !! For today's video update, we gave her a Twin Hose Mistral regulator, coupled with a 1970's Nemrod mask, she then squeezed into a stunning fitted latex cat suit, 'with front zip', from House of Harlot and finally put on a rare vintage, pink Britmarine Trident Bathing cap and pink fins ! Naturally, we then took her underwater ! Totally Scubaliscious !
83.2MB Real - in 16 x 9 widescreen.

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