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French Aqua - Maid ! French Aqua - Maid !Image Gallery

Posted 10th December 2007. 30 High Resolution Images.

Anyone ever heard of the Santa Clara Aquamaids, one of the world's most successful and famous synchronized swimming clubs ? Well, sadly, we can't bring them to you I'm afraid but, how about a 'French AquaMaid' instead ? We originally intended to bring to you tonight's Gallery update for Thanksgiving but hey, the Aquawomen pool still needs cleaning and tidying for Christmas, huh ? So, we're hoping our 'honorary art director' will forgive us for the delay as we ask you to please enjoy our simply gorgeous Mermaid Fi, as she starts our Festive Season rolling, submerged and blowing bubbles as a very sexy underwater French Maid ? Fishnet tights included, of course !

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