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"And Now for Something Completely Different"Image Gallery

Posted 13th January 2018. 32 High Resolution Images.

Here's one that could well be called appealing to an "acquired taste" but then, that's something that we folks here at have always tried to offer. We're all different huh ? And if there's one thing I learned many years ago it was how wide and varied everyones' taste in underwater fantasy imagery can be. This set features Mermaid Natalia wearing a very unique Speedo swimcap and goggles combination that didn't exactly set the world of competitive swimming alight, back in the early 2000 s. It was actually called the 'Speedmask' and developed for Speedo for the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, but was not that popular with most of the swimmers at the time. I wonder why ? Certainly, we have members who like it as we're pleased to post this set of pictures now in response to a repeated request. Personally, I love the Aquasphere sleeveless wetsuit the best !

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