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The Scubaliscious Girl & the Water !  Pt 1 The Scubaliscious Girl & the Water ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 13th November 2017. 40 High Resolution Images.

"The old ones are still the best !" Although no-one could ever say that any of our gorgeous Aquawomen are old, nor are any of the images we repeatedly bring you. I'm simply referring to how many times that 'fashionable' ladies swimwear companies always seem to go back to smooth, sexy, black neoprene, in their latest designs, when they want to make an impact ! And charge a lot of money too ! ;-) One such company is' The Girl & the Water' and who better to model one of their super 'Billabong' wetsuit jackets than our enchanting Mermaid Porchia !
Once again, the combination of super underwater model and reasonably talented u/w photographer ;-) have provided us with an abundance of beautiful new and unique underwater pictures to bring all of our scuba enthusiastic members, plus those of Mermaid Porchia too, of course !
more to follow if y'all might like to see them?

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