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The Old Ones Are The Best !   Pt. 1 The Old Ones Are The Best ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 31st August 2017. 33 High Resolution Images.

The title of this Gallery is referring purely to the snorkelling equipment of course, no way could it ever be said that our stunning Mermaid Porchia is old ......... but she certainly does feature amongst the Best. We know from the past that so many of you love the fact that we are THE underwater website with easily the most comprehensive collection of vintage dive equipment, swimwear and snorkel gear. And we also know that many of you love to see our beautiful young Aquawomen wearing our fabulous old 1950's vintage Cressi full face snorkel masks. And so, please, take yourselves back to the middle of the last century, on a beach on the Italian or French Riviera and let this beautiful set of unique underwater pictures do the rest !
Over to you Subby. ;-)

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