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'Zale 'Zale" Dives Underwater - Just for You ! Image Gallery

Posted 25th August 2017. 33 High Resolution Images.

So many of y'all have always loved our takes on 'Sea Hunt' themed underwater photoshoots and in turn, we have always really loved bringing them to y'all too. Her last Gallery was really popular and so, tonight, our very own 'Zale Parry' (aka Mermaid Elise), dons her vintage, female, smooth skin, neoprene, Beavertail wetsuit jacket, a true vintage oval mask, a vintage Siebe Gorman Merlin MkVl twin-hose reg and her obligatory white vintage Bathing Cap, which happens to be a genuine US Howland from the 1950's - and submerges underwater, once again, for y'all. This time she brings you yet another wonderful image collection of the kind only seems able to replicate ;-) PLUS a few you perhaps imagined and would have given anything to have seen all those years ago ! ;-)
And we have lots more left to bring you later, also !

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