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More Sea Hunt - In Colour !  Pt 1 More Sea Hunt - In Colour ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 7th August 2017. 45 High Resolution Images.

Over the years we have been here, so many of y'all have kindly told us how much you enjoy us bringing back so many of those early 'Sea Hunt' picture memories for you - but in modern, high quality, colour, underwater imagery. And so, in keeping with that fine tradition, we bring you our very own Zale Parry in a genuine authentic 1950's white one piece swimsuit, along with an equally cute very vintage white bathing cap from that same era, plus an authentic old Voit scuba mask, also from that same wonderful old nostalgic period re. scuba times long past. OK so the dive reg is a little too modern but, hey, is anyone really gonna complain ! ;-) Mask on, mask off, reg in place, reg out - it's all the same to our jaw droppingly scubaliscious Mermaid Elise ! And, if you like these, we have sooooo many more !

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