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Posted 10th June 2017. 32 High Resolution Images.

The Aquawomen category is "Scuba Fantasies" and I'll leave it to Subby to tell y'all that, back in the day, the first ever "Scuba Fantasy" for many a young Aquaphile just had to be one of the most Scubaliscious female divers of all - and surprisingly at the time not many people even knew who she was as, so often, she played the female diver disguised by her white bathing cap whilst 'doubling' for other female actresses in programmes like 'Sea Hunt', 'Flipper' and 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'. And so, it is with much pride and respect to this wonderful lady, who I had the privilege of meeting once, that we bring y'all our own pictorial tribute to the amazing, pioneering female diver - Miss Zale Parry. And of course, who else could it be but our own Scubaliscious Mermaid Elise, looking so uncannily alike the early Miss Parry herself, as if she had just jumped off of a 1960's front cover of 'Sports Illustrated" Magazine, to bring such imagery to you !
psst ! In true style - there's a few "fun ones" at the end, that we know many of y'all will enjoy !

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