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Captain (Porchia) Morgan ! Captain (Porchia) Morgan ! Image Gallery

Posted 4th June 2017. 42 High Resolution Images.

Who ever thought you could ever see a vintage US Divers Kirby Morgan Mk10 Band Mask being worn by a Porche (ia ) ? Well, as many of y'all know by now, here at almost anything underwater is possible ! Hey Subby, this one should have you reminiscing about those wonderful great big posters they used to have in Dive Shops back in the 70's ( we still have one in the office ). And, Boy Oh Boy, combined with her slinky, sleeveless, smooth neoprene Billabong jacket, we certainly feel that our AMAZING Mermaid Porchia certainly does justice to this modern "make over". You have to be a very special 'Dive Chick' to be able to feel so 'at home' when wearing one of these masks underwater for the first time - and as usual, this young Aquawoman never fails.

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