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'Dive Chick'  in the Water ! 'Dive Chick' in the Water ! Image Gallery

Posted 27th May 2017. 40 High Resolution Images.

We so often get asked for pictures above the water and normally we take the view that there are so many others offering you this, so we usually tend to stick to what we know we're good at - and that's taking pictures of Beautiful Girls underwater ! Not only that but we're normally quite hard pressed for time when shooting several scenes underwater, as this tends to take far more time than above water shooting. HOWEVER ;-) on a recent shoot with our simply stunning 'Real Mermaid' Elise, we and she did find some time to work together, on a few different scenarios, ABOVE the water and today it gives us great pleasure to bring the first of these to y'all. The pressure marks on Elise's forehead are from her Bathing Cap, worn in a preceding set, we could have photoshopped these marks out but, we know of at least two of our long standing members who actually love to see this and so, we left all pictures 'au naturel', hopefully for all of your pleasure

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