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T (shirt) EASE ! T (shirt) EASE ! Image Gallery

Posted 4th May 2017. 50 High Resolution Images.

Oh My Lordie, Lordie, Lordie !
Over many years we have seen a lot of wonderful, young Aquawomen join us - and then move on, as their lives took them on various different paths. Today, we are proud to feature someone quite exceptional, who joined us on our first ever underwater photoshoot and isn't just simply still going strong today - she is actually going a hell of a lot stronger ! It is, of course, our amazing Mermaid Elise, looking Scubalisciously Sensational in a scuba outfit made classically famous by the gorgeous Miss Jacqueline Bisset ! And so, along with a wonderful vintage mask and single hose reg combination and in a super Bumper size gallery of FIFTY new and unique images, Elise shows us, once more, how to look utterly fantastic underwater wearing just a simple white T-Shirt !

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