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Posted 13th February 2017. 40 High Resolution Images.

It seems there are three types of swimsuits out there that many aquaphiles would describe as being 'Iconic' - and of course here at we have always brought you all three of them ! I'm sure y'all will tell me if I'm wrong but, from what we see and hear, these three swimsuits seem to be, one of my own special favourites, the original 'Speedo S2000'; the wonderful Japanese shiny 'Realise' and of course the classic Italian neoprene 'Cressi Fire". It is in fact the last one listed that we feature today and one that all of our Mermaids always love to wear, namely the sexy, rubber 'Cressi Fire'. Worn, on this occasion, with no other items to detract any viewer - it is our simply gorgeous Mermaid Porchia modelling for you, as she always does so well, underwater !

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