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Cressi FFM 1960's Scuba Babe !  Pt 1. Cressi FFM 1960's Scuba Babe ! Pt 1.Image Gallery

Posted 31st January 2017. 32 High Resolution Images.

Sheesh - I can't believe it was way back in July when we brought you a video of this scenario, but Hey at least here in the Northern Hemisphere the days are already getting longer and so, hopefully, it's not too long before we can start looking forward to those much warmer days once again. This one just has to appeal to so many different fans of the pure Aquawoman ? First of all it's our Devine Mermaid Kiki, next she is wearing a classic original Cressi full face mask, coupled with an even more classic US Divers Calypso single hose reg. third - she's wearing an original 1960's US Royal chin strapped Bathing Cap and finally, of course, she's Underwater ! Thirty Two new, original, unique and beautiful underwater pictures for you to enjoy - and this is only Part One !

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