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A Beautiful Ocean Otter -  Pt 2 ! A Beautiful Ocean Otter - Pt 2 !Image Gallery

Posted 7th January 2017. 32 High Resolution Images.

Happy New Year Everyone !
New meets old once again in the Aquawomen pool. this time in the form of the super rubber swimwear worn by our seductively, sensational Mermaid Elise ! The black neoprene rubber swimsuit is a real classic made by the wonderful 'Oceanline' Company in Germany and very similar to the old, much loved, Speedo S2000 styling. The SubaSeal Sea Otter Bathing Cap dates back to times much earlier, all the way to the 1950's in fact, making it extremely rare to ever see today, let alone see it being worn underwater by such an amazing young Aquawoman !

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