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Chains, My Baby's Got Me Locked up in Chains ! Chains, My Baby's Got Me Locked up in Chains !Image Gallery

Posted 3rd August 2016. 40 High Resolution Images.

Definitely one for our true vintage Bathing Cap fans, along with those who love just a touch of seeing our Damsels in Distress ! It can only be our resident Queen of Drama ( in no way could she ever be called a Drama Queen ! ) ,, our one and only Mermaid Elise, wearing a quite rare 1950's Suba Seal vintage rubber bathing cap, along with a much more up to date 'Oceanline' rubber swimsuit. On this occasion though, she has seemingly got herself in a bit of an underwater fix after being thrown into the deep end, all tied up in chains - and these are ' the kind that you can see' ! ;-) Puffy Cheeks and Bubbles Galore !

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