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A Mermaid Trilogy  Pt 1 ! A Mermaid Trilogy Pt 1 ! Image Gallery

Posted 16th July 2016. 42 High Resolution Images.

This just has to be something that both our Scuba and our Non Scuba fans can equally appreciate, surely ? The video proved popular with the voting a couple of months back and so please now sit back and enjoy the first of a 'Trilogy' of beautiful underwater images of your very own 'Weeki Wachee' Mermaid ! I say a 'Trilogy' because, even after a fairly ruthless selection process which sent lots of otherwise fine underwater images tumbling to the cutting room floor, we still found ourselves with over one hundred and twenty beautiful pictures that we felt sure y'all would love to see. Such is the skill of this outstanding young Aquawoman - mind you, it does actually help that our Bewitching, Beguiling and simply Beautiful Mermaid Elise really is, if the truth be told, a Real Mermaid, of course !

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