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1970's Cressi FFM Scuba Babe ! 1970's Cressi FFM Scuba Babe ! Video

Posted 6th July 2016.

This is a real nice video clip of a beautiful young "1970's ScubaBabe" wearing a classic Cressi Full Face Scuba Mask that so many of you seem to hold in high esteem. I've been told that most of those you see these days are silicone replicas but, of course, as you would expect from we will always do our best to only bring you 'the Real thing ! ' ;-) Completing her outfit and in full keeping with the period, our Devine Mermaid Kiki is using a wonderful old, but so reliable, US Divers Calypso single hose reg and she's wearing a cute and very colourful one piece swimsuit along with very much a Dale Parry'esque traditional white bathing cap. It's always a problem getting light into a mask like this, without blinding the Divegirl but, we know y'all just love to see their eyes and so ...... we do our best.
506MB - MP4_1080p HD

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