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Scubalisciousness Perfetto ! Scubalisciousness Perfetto !Image Gallery

Posted 15th June 2016. 36 High Resolution Images.

If you love smooth neoprene wetsuits then it's quite possible that you like smooth neoprene one piece swimsuits too ? Personally, I LOVE wearing the particular Cressi 'Fire' neoprene swimsuit being featured today, it is still one of my personal favourites and I can hardly believe that we first brought this wonderful item to you EIGHT Years ago, back in 2008 !!! As is often the case, we were by far the first underwater erotica site to bring you these wonderful suits being worn underwater then - another case of Aquawomen leading the way again ;-) Today, doing the swimsuit perfect justice, it's our Devine Mermaid Kiki going nice and retro with her choice of scuba gear, namely a classic old US Divers 'Calypso' single hose reg and an oval mask. "Scubalisciousness Perfetto !"

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