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Who Remembers This Scuba Mask ? Who Remembers This Scuba Mask ? Video

Posted 4th May 2016.

Yep, spot on Subby ! And all others who got it right ! It's a super old 'Nemrod Max Vue' scuba mask, dating back to the mid 1960's and offering 'Cinemascope' views to all who wore it ! It has this real cool metal nose pinch mechanism, that you can access from the outside, for equalisation. Sweet huh ? Ours is brand new, old stock and our simply devine Mermaid Kiki had such great fun modelling it for y'all, even though, like most large masks, it can give an underwater camera person real headaches trying to get light onto that beautiful face, if she isn't looking upwards ! To compliment this, our stunning young Aquawoman had to wear a real sexy little short sleeved, smooth black neoprene, beavertail wetsuit jacket and a great old Siebe Gorman Merlin Vl twin hose regulator. Those were the days - Huh ? Please enjoy !
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