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Farewell - Mermaid Helena ! Farewell - Mermaid Helena ! Image Gallery

Posted 23rd April 2016. 34 High Resolution Images.

It's such a very sad time for me Guys as I have to tell you that this is likely to be the last Gallery showing the incredible talents of our much loved Mermaid Helena. She has decided to retire from her previously regular side of the camera to take up a further step in her already fantastic career, on the other side of the camera. A highly talented model, both on the surface and underwater, she has graced our website for over four years now, has won many new fans and been so totally wonderful to work with. We are so grateful to her for coming back to try things just one more time but nobody knows better when it's time to move on other than you yourself and so, we sadly have to respect this, wish her nothing but well in the future and thank her for such wonderful times and memories together!
Farewell and Thank You, Beautiful Siren.

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