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An Ama 'Diver' with a Difference ? An Ama 'Diver' with a Difference ? Video

Posted 12th April 2016.

Ama thinking that there's a few of y'all who sure are gonna like this one ?
Now as you know, we have never shied away from doing things a little 'out of the norm' here and so, when we came up with the idea of one of our stunning young Aquawomen scuba diving whilst wearing an authentic Japanese Ama divers mask, we really thought it could be one that many of you would enjoy ? For the gear buffs and keeping in a vintage theme she is breathing from a very rare old 1950's French La Spirotechnique Aquilon single hose regulator.
Making it two in a row for our scintillating Mermaid Kiki, this first viewing for y'all is a really super HD video clip showing this delectably gorgeous Ama 'diver' simply having fun, under the water. Of course we also have stills - lots of them !
456MB - MOV_1080p HD

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