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Bathing Cap Dunking !  Pt. 1 Bathing Cap Dunking ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 15th March 2016. 31 High Resolution Images.

This one is a long standing request from a very dear and loyal member of ours and is a scenario that many of y'all seem to enjoy and we sure do like creating for you. This time, for fun, the request was for two of our drop dead gorgeous young Aquawomen, to wear a combination of vintage and modern swim gear for a serious dunking session. And so, we combined modern, shiny, very high cut, metallic, leotard style swimsuits with vintage US Howland bathing caps and the result sure does look pleasing to the eye ! Then we just left our stunning Mermaids Porchia and Elise to get on with things in their own special way ! You have to be very good to outlast Mermaid Elise under the water, she just looks at you and stays there forever ! As poor Porchia soon found out ! However, Mermaid Porchia fans, in particular, may look out for Part Two when it seems that she really enjoys taking her revenge ! ;-)

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