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Mermaid Kiki Dives Twin-Hose  once again ! Mermaid Kiki Dives Twin-Hose once again ! Image Gallery

Posted 10th March 2016. 36 High Resolution Images.

Gosh, here's one that nearly eluded y'all. A set of super images, shot a couple of years ago, when our Devine Mermaid Kiki tried out a twin-hose reg for the very first time - and sitting patiently waiting all of that time since. The first part was sooo good that 'scubasmurf' felt he needed to post several times just to tell us ! And so, without more ado, please enjoy this gorgeous young Aquawoman, once again wearing a delightfully colourful bikini, along with a very vintage Nemrod twin-hose reg. plus a classic design clear oval mask and bright yellow fins !
Some might even call it 'Scubaliscious' ;-) ?

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