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Snorkeling Thru The Years ! Snorkeling Thru The Years !Image Gallery

Posted 27th January 2016. 31 High Resolution Images.

My Oh My, how technology moves forward over the years, huh ? Even for things like Snorkelling ! For a while this wonderful new design snorkel mask, by Tribord, was almost impossible to buy, without being ripped off by greedy 'speculators' on Ebay. Fortunately, our contacts enabled us to have early models, in all colours, of these fantastic items some time ago - and I have to confess to LOVING this mask for when I myself get the opportunity to go snorkelling ! We open this set with our gorgeous Mermaid Helena modelling a super, cute, typical, original snorkel mask from the 1950's, but swiftly moving on to the very latest design, this time in a very lovely shade of pink ! A great set for those of you who love to see our Aquawomen wearing any kind full face mark !

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