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It's Our Birthday Again !!!! It's Our Birthday Again !!!!Image Gallery

Posted 18th January 2016. 58 High Resolution Images.

We can't really believe it - but it's our NINTH Birthday !!!!!!!!!
Thank y'all so very much for all of your fantastic support over the years, especially those few who have been with us right from the very beginning !!! I wonder, do any of you remember when some jerk over on Aquafans posted that I was probably just some girl who had found a CD with a few underwater images on ?? ;-) Some CD - Huh ?
Once again we take pleasure and much pride in bringing you a selection of images to remind y'all of almost all of our Magnificent Mermaids from the past eight years, only this time we are featuring one scuba and one non scuba picture of each of them Each picture has been reworked and resized, where necessary, for your pleasure. Gosh are there some wonderful memories there for us .....and we really hope it's the same for you, our much valued Members, also.
AND we felt that we just had to start and finish this compilation with underwater images of the most Amazing Aquawoman who has also been with us right from that very first underwater shoot we held, back in September 2006. Every year she just seems to get better and better all the time - it can only be, of course - Mermaid Elise !

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