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Bathing (Capped) Belle ! Pt. 1 Bathing (Capped) Belle ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 13th January 2016. 41 High Resolution Images.

Now, as many of you know, here at we love to experiment with mixtures of 'new and old' when putting together underwater outfits for y'all. And tonight is a little combination that, funnily enough, seems to work really, really well ? See what y'all think ? It's our Prolific Mermaid Porchia, wearing a very raunchy, extremely high cut, metallic blue, one piece swimsuit ..... along with a 1950's US Howland, vintage white bathing cap, complete with a snug little chin strap ! As so often the case with this gorgeous, so professional, young Aquawoman, we ended with so many super pictures to choose from that, even after banishing many of them to the cutting room floor, we still had enough left over for TWO super, great big, Image Galleries !

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