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Fully Clothed and Scuba Diving !   Pt 1. Fully Clothed and Scuba Diving ! Pt 1.Image Gallery

Posted 9th January 2016. 36 High Resolution Images.

Here's a theme that's a little different, but one that we know is a favorite of many here, namely a beautiful girl - scuba diving whilst fully clothed INCLUDING, of course, wearing panty-hose !! We last brought you this idea, in moving pictures, back in June last year and it seemed to do well in the voting figures then so, we take great pleasure in bringing you Pt 1 of a set of still picture Galleries showcasing our gorgeous little Miss Dynamite - Mermaid Kiki, dressed ( and occasionally undressed ) in her office clothes whilst taking a little time scuba diving in the friendly, deep, warm Aquawomen pool !

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