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A Sensational Kirby Morgan Diver !  Pt. 1 A Sensational Kirby Morgan Diver ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 4th January 2016. 34 High Resolution Images.

I have to confess it always gives me a little smile when I can so easily 'dip into' the amazing Aquawomen 'Wardrobe department' and help myself to some of the most amazing dive gear imaginable. Equipment that, when coupled together with such beautiful girls, can only ever really be found here at And, tonight is just one illustration of those such occasions ! :-) You want serious female DIVERS ?? We bring y'all SERIOUS FEMALE DIVERS !! Always UNDERWATER - and always in fantastic quality and so, hold onto your hoses subby and friends as we kick off the New Year with our delectable Mermaid Helena, feeling so 'at home' on the bottom whilst trying out a vintage Kirby Morgan Mk10 commercial divers' band mask ! And as if that wasn't enough .......... she's also wearing a Cressi Fire, neoprene rubber, leg suit !!!!!!!
Now, picture yourself underwater and just gazing into those eyes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

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