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Water Polo Girl Kiki  Pt 2 ! Water Polo Girl Kiki Pt 2 ! Image Gallery

Posted 16th December 2015. 32 High Resolution Images.

Part One was back in August and went down very well with many of you then, so much so that we have already had a special request from a 'special member' ;-) to post part 2 for y'all ! It's our Devine, super sporty Mermaid Kiki, back under the water once again as our stunning, young water polo player ! She's still wearing a super, Tyr black neoprene rubber water polo swimsuit, but this time she lightens ups the action somewhat by taking off both her water polo cap and her silicon swim cap ....... and loosens that front zip just a little !
Another superb quality underwater Gallery from this gorgeous, Super Fit, young Aquawoman !

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