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Two Girl 'Vintage' Underwater Action ! Two Girl 'Vintage' Underwater Action ! Image Gallery

Posted 12th December 2015. 39 High Resolution Images.

Would you "Adam & Eve It ? " Over at, they've only managed to put two of the most Amazing, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Blonde Underwater Models together for a truly fantastic photoshoot !!!!!!!!! And to start things off - they're fighting each other underwater !!!!!! Yes folks, so sorry it's a little late again as we still strive to get back to where we were a couple of weeks ago ( hope you like the new size piccies guys ? ) But ...... we're sure hoping y'all feel it's certainly worth waiting for ? It's our Most Mesmerising Mermaids Elise and Porchia having a little 'dispute' at the bottom of the clear blue Aquawomen pool but, as usual, we would like to assure you that no Mermaid actually came to any real harm during the shooting of these pictures ( 'cos they can both actually really breathe underwater, of course ! :-)

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