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Mermaid Helena in her Black Rubber Drysuit !  Pt. 1 Mermaid Helena in her Black Rubber Drysuit ! Pt. 1 Image Gallery

Posted 12th November 2015. 31 High Resolution Images.

A truly beautiful woman is always a truly beautiful woman, whether she is in a bikini, a sexy one piece swimsuit, a shiny little cocktail dress, or a . heavy duty, black rubber drysuit ??
Here's one for all of our patient 'Heavy Dive Gear' fans, showing the very first time our radiantly mesmerising Mermaid Helena tried out a heavy duty rubber drysuit ! We hope you notice that the difference between this website and many of the others that try to emulate what we do best, is that the gear our young Aquawomen wear is always to their size and it fits them ! ;-) I know some will moan that she's not wearing a hood but we took that decision deliberately otherwise there would be so very little of this beautiful girl able to be seen ?
Hope you enjoy ? We took some underwater video also, but we're all 'full up' just now and hoping for a server migration quite soon. Meanwhile, it is all safely "in the can" and so, please don't worry.

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