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A Thoroughly Modern Scuba Girl ! A Thoroughly Modern Scuba Girl ! Image Gallery

Posted 8th November 2015. 32 High Resolution Images.

As I said in the corresponding Video notes, the main reason we never tended to use BCD s on our girls during our underwater scuba scenarios is because they tended to cover too much up ! Another reason is, of course, that so many of our scuba scenarios feature vintage diving gear, from a time way before that when such equipment as stab jackets became the norm. But, we do get requests from those wishing to see our Aquawomen wearing them and so, to compliment our recent video, please now enjoy some beautiful still pictures of our Beautiful Blonde Mermaid Porchia playing so well the role of a modern Scuba Girl !
You know ? I think evenTt might like Pics 29 & 30 ! ;-)

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