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A Special Mermaid  'Returns' A Special Mermaid 'Returns'Image Gallery

Posted 27th October 2015. 28 High Resolution Images.

It's always such a pleasure to welcome back a beautiful young Aquawoman whom we haven't seen for a while, especially when she was always such a favorite to many of you. And so, after 10 long months, it's hello once more to a familiar beautiful face . but with a different name ! When asked if this beautiful and highly competent underwater model could have a new name and something a little more "Mermaid-ish and Exotic" we said "Of course", just as long as you come back ! And so, please say Hi to 'Mermaid Helena' and to start the ball rolling, please enjoy her underwater and wearing just a super slinky Camaro, smooth, black neoprene knee suit ! This one's a cross between a swimsuit and a wetsuit but, either way, it's certainly one for the neoprene lovers !

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