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Neoprene and Vintage Cressi ! Neoprene and Vintage Cressi !Image Gallery

Posted 22nd October 2015. 34 High Resolution Images.

Here's one for the more serious scuba buffs amongst you ;-) . An authentic Cressi FFM, connected to a trusted vintage USD Conshelf single hose reg and worn by a beautiful young Aquawoman, dressed in a smooth black neoprene high necked swimsuit and a smooth black neoprene hood. I'm afraid we don't yet have the luxury of internally illuminated Full Face Masks that y'all commonly see on TV or in the Movies nowadays. It would sure make our life a lot easier if we did, in being always able to see our divergirls face so easily. Anyways, we know that many of you just love to see our girls wearing such gear and so, when one of those girls is our very own sensational 'Dive Queen' - Mermaid Elise, then it can't fail but help to make everything just that little bit more special.
Just for fun, at the end of the shoot, this amazing girl wanted to try out an old vintage military 02 rebreather we had been working on. Only a few pictures I'm afraid, but we thought y'all might like to see them anyway ?

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