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Fancy a Vintage Red Porchia ? Fancy a Vintage Red Porchia ? Image Gallery

Posted 27th August 2015. 32 High Resolution Images.

There always seems to be something so especially cute about those delightful vintage 'swimgirl' images from long ago. What is it, I wonder ? The swimsuit ? The Bathing Cap ? The smile ? Those long, long legs ? No Matter What ( Badfinger 1970 ) it is, or was, there are definitely all of those things and more, especially cute, when it comes to looking at our breathtaking Mermaid Porchia, simulating that wonderful Diving Girl logo of the famous swimwear company Jantzen ! It was intended to shoot her wearing just their famous red 'Diving Girl' vintage bathing cap and swimsuit combination but, because her eyes had suffered so much after hours in and under the water, she asked if she could perhaps wear a dive mask ? The results, we think, are quite .. superb ! How about you ?

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