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Sea Hunt in the 21st Century ! Sea Hunt in the 21st Century ! Video

Posted 13th August 2015.

This is another 'Aquawomen Special' combination of scuba equipment - kinda like Sea Hunt meets 21st Century Technology ! I'm sure Subby will do it a lot better ;-) Anyways, what we actually have here is an absolutely stunning young Aquawoman, wearing a really cool, early 1970's vintage, smooth, black neoprene, Beavertail female wetsuit jacket, a black oval mask and one of our superb 2005 model Aqualung Mistral twin hose regulator. No Bathing Cap in this one guys as we don't have to disguise who it is actually diving this rig for real - it is of course our most delectable Mermaid Porchia !
496 MB - MP4_1080p HD

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