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Happy July 4th ! Happy July 4th ! Image Gallery

Posted 4th July 2015. 30 High Resolution Images.

So sorry not to have something a little more 'stars and stripes' this year guys. It was planned, but then had to be re arranged I'm afraid and of course, time waits for no man - not even a Mermaid ! And so, I scratched my head a little and thought .. what would any sexy young respectable girl wear to a special occasion on July 4th ? A lot would choose the classic little black dress, I'm a thinking. Thus, make that girl a Mermaid and it could only be a classic little black swimsuit, huh ? Personally, this is my fave swimsuit of the batch just now ! And so, it's our Swimmeriffic Mermaid Elise wearing a slinky, shiny, black Japanese swimsuit that is also very much one of her favourites too !

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