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Mermaid Porchia in Vintage Neoprene ! Pt. 2 Mermaid Porchia in Vintage Neoprene ! Pt. 2Image Gallery

Posted 1st July 2015. 32 High Resolution Images.

Whilst waiting for a re-arranged underwater shoot with our stunning Mermaid Porchia, we are delighted to bring you Part 2 of a super Gallery that we shot with her at the beginning of the year and that we showed you the first part of, back in April. It features our gorgeous young Aquawoman wearing that vintage Spartan neoprene swimsuit that so many of you love and remember fondly. There's not really much more that I can add from what we have told you about this scenario previously, except to invite you to enjoy yet another wonderful, thirty two new and unique underwater images, in the kind of quality and style that only ever seem to be able to offer you.

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