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Could it really be - Mermaid Fi !!!!!! Could it really be - Mermaid Fi !!!!!!Image Gallery

Posted 24th June 2015. 30 High Resolution Images.

Please don't get too excited guys - I so wish I could be telling you long awaited news of our Iconic Mermaid's return but alas, I'm afraid I cannot. Like all of us, this beautiful Aquawoman and a known favorite of so many of you, is moving on with her life in all sorts of other exciting ways, but academically as opposed to modelling any more. She says she will always remember her amazing times as a Sensational Fintastic Mermaid with Aquawomen and thanks you all for such a wonderful ride ! It just so happens that we had just one super gallery of pictures left with which to bid her a fond farewell with. It was shot quite a while back, when our Mr Nikon wasn't quite as advanced as he is now but - do any of you really care about that ?
All other news is not bad though ? ;-)

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