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WOW !  Part 1 WOW ! Part 1 Image Gallery

Posted 20th June 2015. 39 High Resolution Images.

This is most certainly one for all of our twin hose scuba fans out there ! I must tell you how the title came about though - when we were putting the Gallery together and ready to upload to our server, one of our team just happened to catch a glimpse of one of the images - and then he selected another - and then another . and all he could say each time was "WOW" ;-) And so, as y'all have probably gathered, when it comes to looking totally awesome and some, whilst diving with whatever gear is thrown at her it just has to be our Sensational Diving Diva - Mermaid Elise !
And - when it comes to the viewing the most beautiful real divers imaginable, underwater and twin hose diving - What's that saying, 'often imitated - never equalled' !
And guess what ? This is only half of them !

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