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Mermaid Kiki ! Mermaid Kiki ! Image Gallery

Posted 18th June 2015. 32 High Resolution Images.

Well, well, well, here's a little scenario we haven't brought to you for a long time, which is a little silly really because, as all of you know, the only reason all of our girls are such amazing Aquawomen is because they really are all Real Mermaids, of course ! And as such, every now and then, they have to magically retract their legs and let their fish tails re appear, just to keep in practise ! Yes, Really ! Would I lie to you ? Thus, please sit back and enjoy our simply Divine Mermaid Kiki as she swims and plays in her own perfect underwater world - just for you !
Oh, and we have a little surprise coming for you, Subby and friends, a little later too ?

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