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Wow ! Another Blonde Ama Diver ? Wow ! Another Blonde Ama Diver ? Image Gallery

Posted 3rd June 2015. 28 High Resolution Images.

First of all, sincere apologies for being two short from our normal thirty picture minimum in this Gallery, I honestly thought we had shot more than we actually did at the time and sadly, a few of them were just not good enough to make the cut. But, we hoped you would forgive us because of the quality and fun element of the twenty eight that we are pleased to bring you today ? Having brought you one stunning young blonde, more 'traditionally dressed' Ama diver, in Mermaid Porchia, earlier this year , we thought you would much prefer to see these super pictures of Mermaid Elise as a non Asian AMA 'au naturelle', rather than us just bin them, never to be seen ? They have already achieved a high seal of approval from our Honourable Japanese Consultant on these matters and so we really do hope that y'all enjoy them too !

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